Panorama of lab interior

Welcome to the Seattle Daylighting Lab. Now in its fourth decade as a daylight design and simulation resource, the lab conducts theoretical and applied research in daylighting design. To this end it is equipped with a tilting earth Heliodon, Mirror Box overcast sky simulator, digital simulation tools, photometric measuring equipment, and tools for specialized photography.

In 2006 the Daylighting Lab joined the Integrated Design Lab | Puget Sound. This has allowed the Daylighting Lab to continue its mission of improving the quality and energy efficiency of the Puget Sound’s building stock, while now supporting its daylight design work with expertise in electrical lighting and in-depth research into a variety of building types.

For a more comprehensive look at the Daylighting Lab's work visit the Daylighting Page on the Integrated Design Lab | Puget Sound's website. You can also contact Daylighting Specialist and Research Assistant Professor Christopher Meek, AIA, at 206.616.7014.